Friday, May 6, 2011


Although little G is not yet eating solid food, she has allergies to some of the things that I eat - mainly dairy and soy products. So I have had to radically alter my eating and cooking habits to accommodate her allergies. I have been having fun, though, meeting the challenge of my dietary restrictions. It is dessert, in particular, that I miss. So I have come up with a couple of recipes for dairy free desserts, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake that use fats like coconut oil and olive oil instead of butter. In fact, I prefer my coconut oil chocolate chip cookies to the ones made with butter. One of my family's good friends and neighbors is diabetic and she really has to watch her sugar intake. So when she comes over, I don't like to serve her the sugary treats that I usually make. Instead, I came up with an assemble-your-own dessert that can accommodate several different dietary restrictions. Last night, I put a number of different dishes on the table after dinner:
a plate of crepes made with almond milk rather than dairy milk
a bowl of whipped cream (I had a hard time not licking the beater when I made it)
a jug of strawberry syrup
and a big bowl of fresh strawberries
We each assembled our own crepes. I had mine with strawberries and strawberry syrup. My neighbor had hers with strawberries and whipped cream. Her husband had his with everything. I imagine if we had a gluten-free guest, she could have had strawberries and cream without the crepes, or I could have modified my crepe recipe with gluten-free flour. If I had a guest with a strawberry allergy, I could simply add another type of fruit, or nutella to the table.
I wonder if there's a way to make vegan crepes?

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  1. I'm still drooling over our strawberry coconut ice cream. YYUUUMM!