Thursday, April 28, 2011

Safe sleeping

Because infants are not supposed to sleep with blankets or pillows (to avoid suffocation), I made little G this sleeper thing. The fuzzy fleece was a remnant I got for about five dollars. I cut out two big rectangles, one for the front, and one for the back. In the front rectangle, I cut it in half, lengthwise, and inserted a zipper (about $1.50). Then I made the applique lion by cutting out the little lion from fabric that I already had and simply zig-zagging it on. I chose the lion because Mr. Lion there is her favorite toy. I also made a little tab for a snap at the top of the zipper to protect her neck from the zipper pull. It's a sew-on snap so I didn't have to use the snap setter (those things are expensive!). I sewed the front and back together along the shoulders, leaving room for the neck hole. I finished the neck with some pink bias tape that I already had. Then I sewed the font and back together along the sides and bottom, leaving room for the hand holes. I finished the hand holes by simply folding the fabric under and zig-zagging a satin stitch. I don't know if you can see the satin stitch in this photo, but it's better if you don't because this satin stitch is not the best ever. In any case, little G is sleeping in it right now in her crib.
Total cost of this sleeper: about $6.50

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